North East Texas Connector
Spring  Motorcar Run
Saturday, March 16, 2024
Sunday, March 17, 2024

 This is a fundraising event for Railroad Partners, Inc.

This line owned by
North East Texas Rural Rail District

This line is the former
St. Louis Southwestern
(Cotton Belt)

This is a NARCOA insured event, and all NARCOA rules apply, including Rule Book v8.3 dated 04/01/2022


 Route of Motorcar Run on NETC Railroad

Operational Plan:

We will travel round trip on about one-half of the railroad each day. Daily mileage is about 65 miles.

We will set-on at Sulphur Springs, TX adjacent to the NETC office. Note: this is not the historic SSW Depot. The NETC office is east of the historic depot.

We will run either eastbound or westbound from Sulphur Springs depending on railroad operations each day. If time permits, there could be additional mileage at the end of each day.

CONTACT EC Myron Malone for details and to let him know you are coming.

The details:
Pre-Registration and Pre-Payment preferred:
See details below

Paperwork process and Set-On:
Saturday & Sunday

Begins at 7:30am and continues through 9:00am.
Individual Set-on under direction of EC on-site.
Inspections and paperwork after set-on.

Safety Briefing at 8:45am at the NETC Office
Departure about 9:00am
On a eastbound run:
Lunch at Mt. Vernon, TX.  There are a couple of restaurants within a short walk from the railroad.
On a westbound run:
Lunch at Commerce, TX.  There are a couple of restaurants within a 1/4 walk from the railroad.  Please note there is a steep hill to climb from the rail to an adjacent pasture on the way to lunch.  This is a difficult climb for the mobility impaired. 
About 1.5 hours are planned for our lunch break.
Return to Sulphur Springs  planned for about 5:00pm

Paperwork Location:
Paperwork will be handled by an RPI representative at the NETC Office adjacent to our set-on area.
Physical Set-On Location:
648 Church St.
Sulphur Springs, TX 75482

  Map of Sulphur Springs, TX - Motorcar Seton Location

Vehicle & Trailer Parking:
There will be plenty of parking.  However, we need to keep the transload area clear for access by a trucking company.  Verify your planned vehicle parking location with EC on site.   


Additional Details:
$80.00 per motorcar, including railroad fees.
Fee is for ONE or BOTH days
Payment can be made by cash, check payable to RPI,
money order or through PayPal.
Just use the convenient "donate" button below.

Reservations Expected:
Reservations may be made by e-mail.
See below contact information.

Payment & Refund Policy:
Advance payment is preferred.  
Full refunds less a $5.00 processing fee will be issued for any reserved car unable to attend or if the event is canceled. If a motorcar is set-on the rails, but is unable to complete the trip for any reason, no refund will be issued.

Contact Information:
NARCOA Event Coordinator:

Myron Malone
5306 Kayway Dr.
Greenville, TX 75402
214 882 8756 cell

Weather Advisory:
This time of year in north Texas is generally very pleasant. Be prepared for inclement weather including sun/heat and cold/wet. We plan to operate this motorcar run rain or shine.
Each motorcar operator is expected to pre-inspect their motorcar using the NARCOA Motorcar Inspection Form v3.1 dated 9/29/18.

Bring this completed form with you to be used in the on-site motorcar inspection process. Copies of this form will also be available at the paperwork site on the day of the run.

Release of Liability:
Every individual participating in this event will be
required to sign a

Release of Liability form for the NETC.

Copies of this form will also be available at the paperwork seton the day of the run.

Breakdown Rule:
Generally limited to about 15 minutes before disabled car is placed under tow.





The payment for the North East Texas Connector fund raiser/motorcar run can be made through PayPal by using the "donate" button.
Or you may send PayPal payments directly to us by using the e-mail address
You may also send payment by check or money order.
Please make your check payable to Railroad Partners, Inc.
Simply mail your payment directly to the event coordinator:
You may bring cash the day of the run.
PRE-PAYMENT is preferred which reduces paperwork the day of the run.
Myron Malone
5306 Kayway Dr.
Greenville, TX 75402

 Safety Items

All participants are REQUIRED to wear a safety vest while on  NETC property.

Motorcar operations on this railroad are a privilege.
Lets help ensure future runs by being extra safe while on the property.

This will be a long day of motorcar operations.  Please be well rested at the start of the day.

Wear proper footwear for the environment.
Leather boots with steel toes preferred.  Please no open toe shoes.

Restricted speed:  Always be able to stop your car within one-half the sight distance.

Grade Crossings:  Automobiles have the right of way.  Additional details at the safety meeting.

Additional Items to keep in mind:
Always be on the alert for moving equipment while working near any Railroad tracks or facilities.

Do not step or walk on the top of the rail, frog, switches, guardrails, or other track components.

In passing around ends of standing cars, engines, railroad machinery, and other on-track equipment, leave at least one rail car length (50 feet) between yourself and the end of the equipment.

Avoid walking or standing on track at any time.

When it is necessary to walk or work on track, always keep a sharp lookout in both directions for approaching trains.

Before stepping or crossing tracks, look in both directions first. The same is true when walking around machinery and equipment on and about the tracks.

Do not sit on, lie under, or cross between cars except as required in performance of your duty and only when track and equipment are under proper protection.

In multiple track territory, do not stand on one track while a train is passing on another.

Always expect movement at any time, on any track, in either direction.

Always keep in mind that a split second of inattention can result in a serious accident.

Sulphur Springs  Hotel/Motel Information
The Hopkins County Chamber of Commerce has an excellent website with information and links to all of the city's lodging facilities .

Sulphur Springs Area Restaurants
The Hopkins County Chamber of Commerce also has an excellent website with information and links to all of the city's restaurants.

 The Railroad
North East Texas Connector, a division of
The Freedom Rail Group, operates a segment of the former St. Louis Southwestern Railroad (Cotton Belt).  From their connection with the Union Pacific in Mt. Pleasant, TX, the line traverses much of North East Texas through the communities of Mt. Vernon, Sulphur Springs, Commerce and Greenville. There is also connections with the Kansas City Southern in Sulphur Springs.
Northeast Texas Rural Rail Transportation District
NETEX, formed in 1995, is a Rural Rail District controlling 65.6 miles of operational railroad and a total railroad corridor of 88.8 miles in Northeast Texas between the Titus-Franklin County line and Wylie, TX. This line was originally the "C-branch" mainline of the St. Louis Southwestern Railway.
Operator of the line for NETEX is the North East Texas Connector.

Railroad Partners,Inc.
Railroad Partners, Inc. is an organization dedicated to the maintenance and preservation of active railroad right of ways in Texas and adjoining states.

The mission of Railway Partners, Inc. is:

1) to use volunteer labor and privately owned maintenance equipment to preserve historic rail corridors in partnership with communities, railroads, local governments and other entities and individuals;
2) to acquaint the public with the geography, local history and cultural landmarks of such corridors;
3) to support efforts to educate the public regarding safety within rail corridors;
4) to build community support for the preservation of out-of-service or soon to be out-of-service rail corridors; and
5) to promote safe maintenance and other activities within historic rail corridors through training and mutual cooperation with rail-related groups.

We need dues-paying members and volunteers to help further our mission stated above.  Please consider joining our group. An on-line application and instructions can be found at: .